One of Five Women in Houston Making a Difference
- Kim Davis & Company

Award of Appreciation - Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital

Organization making a difference
-North Channel Newspaper (closed)

Our Team

We assist Lyndon B. Johnson hospital in providing clothing and accessories for needy newborn infants born at the hospital. Additionally Cuddling Care, Inc, donates essentials to the moms who give birth at the hospital and are homeless, have HIV/AIDS or whose infant is stillborn. CCI also donates to other local shelters in Houston. We have been a 501c-3 Non-Profit since 2007.

CCI was birthed in 2005 when our first 54/56 items were donated to LBJ hospitals for newborns. Since that time we have continued to donate 10 to 12 months out of the year. In 2015 we donated more than 13,000 items to LBJ alone with an estimated value of $36,000.  We welcome monetary gifts that can be paid through Pay Pal or mail to us directly, you will receive a Tax Deductable Receipt for your donation.

Contact Us

P. O. Box 24491
Houston, TX 77229

Tel: (713) 637-8722
​Cell: (832) 573-1474

Odell Roundtree

Founder/President  -  713-637-8722   
Fay Harmon

Co Founder
Ethel Hall

Secretary Treasure - 281-238-2380
Daisy Maura

Business Admin - 713-729-2496
Pauline Thurman

Vice President, Emeritus
Sonja R. Roundtree

Maddox  -  Vice President
Tanla L. Roundtree

Administrator Assistant